Thursday, January 17, 2013

1/16/13 minimal stats sample of 2000 for reached

Also, one can vote for getting help raising money for this project on for the next 27 days. If the concept is voted enough, then money and help will enable the test to completed with all that is needed.

This test project was Tom's Research in 1968-9 at EMU and also used the U of M's Institute for Social Research Professional Library for related surveys. The test is also in Mental Measurements Yearbook for a couple of times. And Tom hopes to complete a test manual with statistics for a new review.

Note: Thomas Rundquist, M.A. LPC taught at Ferris and attended Ferris as well in Pre-psychology 1960's  and later was in the FSU Business School for Human Resources 1870's He also graduated from Eastern Michigan Uinversity  BS English Language & Literature with Secondary Teacher Certification 1967and he also got his MA in Counseling there 1969. He also attended grad school at Wayne State U as well as attended their Applied Management and Technology Center 1970's.

He was also accepted to University of Michigan's Art Education program 1970's. TR has shown in Grand Rapids for the last 3 years.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our diversity test to be used in Pakistan

Hira Shab, a grad student at Institute of Business Management Karachi, Pakistan in Program MSc Human Resource Management & Organizational Psychology has been given permission to use our Cultural Diversity Test and Racial Attitude Survey for their research there.

You can see our tests on and try them for free as an individual. We are reviewed in Mental Measurements Yearbook.

The students' college is at . They are to give us credit for the tests and have been given permission to edit the test for one item.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Google ebooks & Android April views 2500

As Thomas Rundquist, FSU Alumni & former staff writing lab tutor, his 14 ebooks are getting more and more views. A couple days ago Tom okayed Google to take his ebooks live for Canada, Australia, and Great Britain google sites.

Tom is 66 yrs old now and attended FSU 63-5 Pre-Psych and FSU Business Dept Human Resources in 70's.

He is Chairman of Nova Media Inc. Nova is having their 30th Anniversary this month.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

FSU Alumni & Former Staff in VSA Arts of Michigan Grand Rapids Legacy Trust Collection

"TR" Thomas Rundquist in May will be in the Grand Rapids competition with his Kundalini (Creativity and Madness) oil painting. The three top voted winners get a $500 prize and considerable help with the 2011 competition for top prize of $250,000.

Tom in his Rundquist Family Endowment for FSU student loans and scholarships 55 of his originals and 100's of his limited edition prints are to be used to raise money for FSU. Note that his print of Kundalini has been given to FSU students and staff over the years as presents.

The Friends of Ferris auction on 2/25/11 will have this one and 3 other limited edition prints of TR's for fundraising to help FSU.

His corporation also owns and for online testing with an educational special for National Black History Month (February).